Dark Rooms, Ongoing project since 2014

Projected photographs


The DarkRoom Project started when I had a strong epiphany and realized the intriguing dual-meaning of the term dark room

A dark room could be:

  1. Place in which photographers develop films and print photos by chemicals and light.
  2. A general name for an interior space in which people (mostly gays) have casual sexual encounters at.

In both places the term “exposure” has a wide range of meaning. While In a photographic dark room a flash will burn the surface of a photographic paper and castrate its ability to hold an image, In the sexual dark room the light of a flash will reveal the users flesh, ruin their anonymity and expose their identity.

My explorations of these rooms take place when they are closed for use, abandoned and “lit” with their natural light: darkness. To lead the path through these spaces I use the light of an analog cameras flash and therefore I get to know the interior only after I have developed the films. The negatives are special monochrome-developed black & white films which mean that the gray scale is actually colorful.

The procedure is always very physical since the walls, the floors and the air contain the memories of things that happen there before my arrival. The final result is a projection of the photos taken in the dark blurry united (photographic-sexual) kingdom.

So far photographed 20 different dark rooms (of both kinds) around Tel Aviv, Berlin and Copenhagen, which are the cities I spend most of my time in and where I actually use dark rooms.