Dark Rooms, Ongoing project since 2014

Projected photographs


The term Dark Room refers to:
1. A place in which photographers develop films and print photos by using chemicals and light.
2. A general name for an interior space in which people (mostly gays) have casual sexual encounters at.

In both places the term “exposure” has a wide range of meaning. In the photo-dark-room a flash will burn the surface of a photographic paper rendering the sheet not-able to hold an image anymore. In the sex-dark-room the flash will reveal the users’ flesh, ruin their anonymity and expose their identity.

I document dark rooms when they are closed for use and “lit” by the natural light of a dark room: darkness. To lead the path through these spaces I use the light of an analog cameras flash. I get to know the interior only after I have developed the films. The negatives are special monochrome-developed black & white films which mean that the gray scale is actually colorful.

So far, I have photographed more than 20 different dark rooms around Tel Aviv, Berlin and Copenhagen.