my graduation exhibition from The Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp, Belgium

in center: Black Man in the Black Sea at Night. That’s all Folks.
MDF, wood, graphite and hacked Epson ink
264 X 244 X 800 cm

video documentation

Head over Heels
 metal, plastic developing tray, electric pump and water
290 X 40 X 50 cm

Head over Heals - video documentation

Death Paintings
silicone, soot and fingernails on acrylic glass
150 X 100 cm each

installation view

(on the right) Wetting Bad 
cardboard, metal, pissed mattress
200 X 130 X 160 cm

The Heat
plastic xerox photocopy machine cover
90 X 70 X 5 cm

Immigration Slugs
stolen stones from the Israeli embassy in Helsinki, Finland, mdf, graphite and acrylic paint
15 X 15 X 125

Remember Me
a stolen condom machine from school and a stolen candle from church
25 X 15 X 250 cm

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