bed linen, ink, needles, metal and synthetic rope
250 X 300 X 10 cm

hanged in Bergen, Norway, on highway E39 which connects Denmark and Norway

Hans og Hans
Car tire
90 X 66 X 17 cm

All Cops Are Bastards
Permanent marker on soccer ball panels
11 X 60 X 2 cm

 Broom, stolen key chains, and gaffer tape sewn to linen
110 X 25 X 7 cm

left hanged on a tree in Nordens Park, Bergen,where witches were burnt to death during the 16th century. In different Scandinavian languages “Hey” means hello and “Hey-Hey” means goodbye.

Light Bars
Site-specific installation

Where the window used to have metal bars (top) the holes were painted matte black and coin sized light-reflective cutouts were placed under each one of them (bottom) . The metal bars were brought back suggestively as light was thrown up from the coins to the black holes. The procedure could be realized more clearly with the help of a flash.

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