cross-projected looping slideshows
The Dark Mansion is a series of photographs that are taken in dark rooms of two kinds:
(1) rooms which are used for different photographic practice and (2) rooms which are used for sexual practice.
The projected footage portrays a gloomy kingdom which is a hybrid of many architectural fragments and different interior elements coming from all the spaces that I have visited during the years.

The photo-shooting takes place when the spaces are closed for users but ready to be used – completely dark. To move around in a pitched-black sight, I use the automat flash of an analog camera. Since my encounter with these spaces did not happen before, I get to know the space only after I have developed the films.

As a man who uses both types of rooms, I find it interesting to reflect that In both places the term “exposure” has a wide range of meaning. A flash in a photography dark room will burn the surface of a paper/film rendering the sheet unable to hold an image anymore while a flash in a sex dark room will reveal the users’
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