mixed media installation consisting of unique objects and prints
It was around 2010 when I watched Christian in a pornographic movie for the first time.
In 2015, by chance, we met in Berlin, where I took pictures and interviewed him.
While processing the collected materials, I came up with an Idea: to create a portal that grows inside-out of Cristian’s navel. Around Christian's Belly button he tattooed the logo of the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. My plan was to tattoo the negative of his tattoo and by fisting him - placing the two parts on top of each other (in and out of his stomach) - and by that create the portal.

In 2016 I did some sketches and the idea became a plan.

In 2017 I got tattooed.

In 2018 we created the portal.

Untitled, 2015

Vision, 2016

Commitment, 2017

Illustration, 2017

When two become one // Fisting session // Portal creation, 2018

Holy Ghost, 2015

The space between us, 2015

Christian, 2015

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