solo exhibition at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark

in the center: Untitled, 2022
stainless steel urinal, steel, water pump, plastic box, metal, laser, and water
dimensions variable

the laser beam goes through the urinal drain hole and hits the wall across the room

Untitled, 2022 - detail

Untitled, 2022 - detail

Blue Blood (and piss), 2022
cut sanitary bag
30 X 25 cm

Kabubot, 2022
used drying paper from Kunsthal Aarhus
dimensions variable

Kabubot, 2022 - detail

Pfffffff Denmark, 2022
 hand dryer, wood, clock mechanism and a sticker
30 X 40 X 30 cm

Pfffffff Denmark – video documentation

Salty Fat Tears, 2022
acrylic gel on stainless steel mirror
70 X 50 X 1 cm

installation view

Dos and Don’ts, 2022
laser prints in acrylic glass display frames
27 X 10 X 21 cm (each)

I Have a Shy Bladder, 2022
stainless steel urinal partition hanged 20 cm away from a wall corner
100 X 15 X 40 cm

Dos and Don'ts, 2022

documentation by Mikkel H. Kaldal
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