Site specific installation at Artport, Tel Aviv, Israel
Kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond and Artport

80 hand sewn plastic coated inkjet prints and textile tape
45 X 35 X 1 cm (each)
From the exhibition catalog:

Yinon Avior's photography distorts and alters the images he captures: he crops, cuts, sutures, and laminates his images to create a made–up, makeshift work of art, queer in its nature and its interpretations. In Still Standing: Dancing Queen Denmark, Avior has taken hundreds of images of bikers coming to a momentary halt, extending one foot to balance on the pavement. Pictured from ground level, behind the bikers, he focuses on this moment of tension, in which one seeks to find solid ground but is simultaneously preparing to depart—an allegory for the uncertainty of the migratory experience.
The sewn–together images create a quilt–like aesthetic in an immersive installation, whose goal is not to be contained by a single wall but to “spread”, with all its connotations related to virality and queer history. Avior creates a link between the experience of migration and queer aesthetics, commenting on the ambiguity that accompanies departure and the efforts required to put oneself together again after a traumatic event.

Dr. Yarden Stern
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