Solo exhibition at Beast Bornholm, Østermarie, Denmark
Kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond

Sobbing Greenhouse, 2021
burnt tulle, spray paint, bamboo toothpicks and skewers, suture, glass, silicone, water-pumps, Nitrous-Oxide canisters, plastic, electronic components, and water
350 X 300 X 300 cm

video documentation

Runaway and Burnt Potatoes, 2021
industrial paint, acrylic glass, organic rope, and coal
115 X 61 X 5 cm

Sokushinbutsu, 2021
concrete, steel, and toilet paper
100 X 30 X 25 cm

Here we go again, 2021
Marlboro cigarettes nailed onto a wall

No Picnic, 2021
cut plastic tablecloth
270 X 136 cm

To Infinity and Beyond, 2021
found cardboard (Nordskoven, Bornholm) and glass
70 X 25 X 20 cm

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